it’s all in the details.

Furnishing your home requires more than finding that perfect bedding or “just right” sofa.

It’s also about incorporating your unique taste and character into every accent and placement of décor. Your dream home is created in two parts—first, it’s about having access to the highest quality furnishings and accessories at a fair price. Secondly, you deserve an interior designer’s touch to ensure that the right flow, placement and environment are created.

At Details Comforts for the Home, we offer both.

Whether your tastes run classic, eclectic, modern or contemporary— or you’re not sure how to classify your taste yet—Details Comforts for the Home is committed to providing as much or as little direction as you like. There are no high pressure sales here. If you want to peruse our extensive product lines, be our guest.

However, if you want a professional to take the reins with you and embark on a journey rich in design, that’s our specialty. We do it all, whether you have feng shui leanings, a clear and original idea about what you want to create, or if you’re starting from scratch and need help from the ground (or coffee table) up.